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Fairway Portable Golf Car Trunk

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Fairway Portable Golf Car Trunk
Fairway Golf Covers and Accessories by Classic Accessories
Each Fairway cover, organizer or accessory has been carefully designed to make your golf cart or equipment easier to use in whatever weather you find yourself in. We can't make the game of golf any easier but we do make it more comfortable.
Big seven cubic foot capacity (two cubic meters)Attaches in seconds like a golf bag onto the golf bag supportsFits in the bag well of most golf cars Quickly loads and unloads from large zip-open front or rip-and-grip close topMesh front for easy viewing of contentsHeavy-duty water and abrasion-resistant bottom and sides 24 x 9 x 28 inches high (61 x 23 x 71 centimeters high)One-year limited warranty

Price: $21.71

Normally Ships Within 1-2 Days.

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